Feb 21, 2011

Sex Pistols

Is it possible to form a band from musical amateurs, record one studio album and change the history of rock'n'roll? Yes it is, and here we have a proof. Formed in 1975, Sex Pistols, is by many people considered as a band who actually invented punk rock. And yeah, some say that Ramones were first. But it's Sex Pistols who started punk as style of music and look.

Punk played by Johhny Rotten's band can be described as aggressive, chaotic, loud. Definitely not a kind of music for everyone. Lyrics are ironic, often sarcastic, focused on politics and social problems. Back then Sex Pistols were absolutely shocking and revolutionary. They were hated by government, public opinion, media, but loved by rebelious, angry youth.

When you talk about Sex Pistols you can't not mention their bass player - Sid Vicious. Well, saying that he was a bass player is maybe too much, 'cause he actually couldn't play it (during gigs his bass was unplugged). But for many people he became an icon of punk rock. Later he turned out to be a pretty good singer (even though the rest of the band claimed that he can't sing). Sid Vicious died in 1979 of drug overdose. His death is a controversial topic even today.

Sex Pistols are still active, playing concerts (they still play same songs as in late 70's). But they are not so schocking anymore. They are considered more as relic of the past than an influental band. Their time has clearly passed and they have nothing in common with ideas of the movement they created (providing they ever had something in common with them). I think movie below should be the best way to sum up Sex Pistols.

Sex Pistols

John Lydon
Steve Jones
Paul Cook
Glen Matlock

Past members:
Sid Vicious 

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  1. John Lydon is meant to be a bit of a prick IRL. He was on I'm A Celebrity. Makes sense though

  2. I've actually never heard their music til now, heard of the name though.

  3. Used to listen to this a lot. thanks for reminding me

  4. Never really heard all of their music but still I like them

  5. The Sex Pistols helped launch a lot of bands after them. Good stuff. New follower.

  6. After listening to those music videos i'm impressed. I'd heard of the sex pistols but never listened to them before now. Followed.

  7. I'm hearing classic rock calling my name again...

  8. I love the Sex Pistols... not to mention that they have one of the best band names

  9. cool blog, i´ll follow you now.

  10. Good band, I favor the Ramones though.

  11. I prefer the Ramones. I take the Frank Zappa point that punk started with the Sex Pistols but that's only because they came up with the punk look before the music.

  12. It's been years since I've last heard of these guys.

  13. Sex Pistols, what a famous band. Thanks for posting!

  14. sex pistol... wonder what that means ;]

  15. I wonder why everybody feels smth special about Sid Vicious. He was known only by his behaviour. He's like Paris Hilton of Punk Rock