Feb 22, 2011

The Casualties

"Beautiful words I will tell you on TV
I will lie to the poor and give to the rich"

The phenomenon of Sex Pistols had huge impact on young generation of musicians. Hundreds of new bands formed all across the world, eager to express themselves. Younger generations of musicians who followed punk movement and started to play in mid 80's are called second wave of punk rock. The Casualties are an example of band formed in that time.

What is characteristic about their music is that it's more 'powerful' than music played by other punk bands. I'd say that their inspiration was rather The Exploited than Sex Pistols. Fast, aggressive, full of political criticism - that's the punk rock played by The Casualties.

There are many controversies about this band. The majority of haters acuse them of being posers and sell outs. That's mostly because of their appearance (even I think they overdo it). But on the other hand - who cares? For me, they make fuckin' great music, very fun to listen to. And that's what matters the most.

The Casualties

Jorge Herrera
Rick Lopez
Jake Kolatis
Marc "Meggers" Eggers

Past members:
Colin - vocals (1990–1994)
Yureesh - drums (1990–1994)
Hank - guitar (1990–1991)
Mark - bass (1990–1993)
Fred - guitar (1991-1993)
Mike - bass (1993–1997)
Johnny - bass (1997–1998)
Shawn - drums (1993–1994)

1997: For the Punx
1998: Underground Army
2000: Stay Out of Order
2001: Die Hards
2004: On the Front Line
2005: En La Línea Del Frente
2006: Under Attack
2009: We Are All We Have



  1. that sounds a bit more like metal albeit not as heavy.

  2. thanks for the share, will check them out

  3. Checking them out now - thanks for the suggestion.

  4. my das gave me a cd from them for my 10th birthday :D love my dad!

  5. This is what i'm talking about! Awesome man, just awesome! Thumbs up!

  6. Good write. I enjoyed reading it, even though I've never heard of this band.